Neil Young’s ‘revealing and intimate’ autobiography to hit shelves in 2012

Legendary singer-songwriter said writing memoirs fit him 'like a glove'

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Neil Young‘s forthcoming autobiography will offer a “revealing [and] intimate” insight into the legendary singer-songwriter’s career, according to its publisher.

Titled Waging Heavy Peace, the tome is due to be published by Blue Rider Press – a new imprint of Penguin – in autumn 2012.

In a statement, Young said that sitting down to write his memoirs fit him “like a glove”. He remarked:”I started and I just kept going. That’s the way my daddy used to do it on his old Underwood up in the attic. He said, ‘Just keep writing, you never know what will turn up’.”

Blue Rider Press president David Rosenthal added that the book will “provide the window into Neil’s life and career that fans and admirers have always wanted”.

Young released his 33rd studio album, ‘Le Noise’, last year. He lost an estimated $850,000 worth (£540,000) of musical equipment and memorabilia in a fire at his San Francisco warehouse last November.

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