Morrissey fans searched for meat before gig

Security guards at Middlesbrough show were told to frisk punters for meat

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Ticket-holders who were entering Morrissey‘s gig at Middlesbrough Town Hall last Friday (July 8) were searched in case they were carrying any meat products, according to reports.

The former Smiths man is an extremely strict vegetarian and is known to demand that venues he perform in have no meat on the premises, but this is the first time he has insisted that gig-goers be searched for meat.

According to the Daily Mirror, when fans entered the venue they were directed toward security who searched their bags for any meat products.


One concert-goer, Mel Stokes told the Mirror: “As you went into the venue you were funnelled through to the top of some steps where they were carrying out searches.”

“A member of the security staff then went through my bag and told me that they were checking to make sure that I was not carrying any meat products inside.”

Earlier this year, Morrissey had insisted that Belgian music festival Lokerse Feesten, ban all meat from the site on the day he is due to perform.


He headlines two gigs in London next month.

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