Mick Jones Saddened By Pete Doherty’s Incarceration

Clash legend says it's wrong that the Babyshamble has been jailed

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Mick Jones has said that Pete Doherty‘s incarceration this week is wrong and un-necessary in an interview with Uncut.co.uk in Nashville, Tennessee yesterday (April 9).

The Clash legend said that he feels “saddened” at the news that Doherty has been sent to Wormwood Scrubs, the same prison that Jones and Billy Bragg set up their ‘Guitars for jails’ project last year.

Jones, who produced The Libertines first album, says that the 14 week prison term isn’t going to do anything to help the troubled singer. He commented: “He’s a lovely, sweet guy who’s been trying really hard to sort himself out. Two weeks in jail isn’t going to sort him out. I mean, there are more drugs inside prison than there are out.”

Jones is in Nashville this weekend with Carbon/Silicon as part of the annual Jack Daniels Legendary mash, and tomorrow night’s headlining appearance will be a collaboration with Staines’ rock group Hard-Fi.

They will play two Hard-Fi tracks, one Carbon/Silicon track and are likely to cover The Clash classic “Should I Stay Or Should I Go”.

Check back to Uncut.co.uk for a live report of the gig, and a full interview with Mick Jones and Tony James.


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