Stones' latest tour begins on May 26

Mick Jagger has revealed that the Rolling Stones are considering playing their Sticky Fingers album in its entirety on their coming North American tour.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Jagger confirmed that the band are discussing the possibility: “We’re floating the idea of playing the whole album,” he admitted. “At the very least, we’ll play the songs we don’t normally play.”

The Stones’ North American tour begins on May 24, the day before a deluxe reissue of Sticky Fingers is released.

Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers deluxe edition

Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers deluxe edition

Rolling Stone point of that a number of the album’s tracks – “Brown Sugar,” “Wild Horses,” “Can’t You Hear Me Knocking,” “Bitch” and “Dead Flowers” – are already key parts of the Stones’ live set.

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“It’s a really great album,” Jagger explained. “But it has a lot of slow songs. Normally in a show we’d just do one or two ballads. Sticky Fingers has about five slow songs. I’m just worried that it might be problematic in stadiums. Maybe we’d play it and everyone would say, ‘Great,’ but maybe they’ll get restless and start going to get drinks.”

Tour rehearsals begin in a few weeks and the group will use that time to figure out the feasibility of playing the album in its entirety. “I’m sure we’ll have a go at it,” Jagger says. “We play a lot of the tunes and know them pretty well. I think we’ve played them all at least once. It’s not like trying to do Their Satanic Majesties Request.”

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