McCartney: ‘The Beatles Turned Down Reunion In ’76’

The singer also professes a love of music old and new in new interview

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Paul McCartney has spoken for the first time about how the Beatles turned down a offer to reform the band in 1976.

Speaking to listings magazine Radio Times to publicise his show at the BBC Electric Proms later this month, McCartney said that the money they were offered to stage a comeback back then was ‘phenomenal’.

He said:”There were phenomenal amounts of money being offered. Millions by Sid Bernstein, this New York promoter. But it just went round and round. There might be three of us thinking ‘You know, it might not be a bad idea’ – but the other one would go, ‘Nah, I don’t think so’ and sort of veto it. Let’s put it this way, there was never a time when all four of us wanted to do it. And I’m actually glad of that now because the Beatles’ work is a body of work. There’s nothing to be ashamed of there.


He concluded: “The potential disappointment of coming on and not being as good as The Beatles had been, that was a risk we shouldn’t take.”

In the wake of the unprecedent buzz around Led Zeppelin‘s reunion – Macca was asked in the interview ‘What If‘ the Beatles could have reformed now?

McCartney replied: “Since you’re leading me down that flowery path, we could imagine that John would be this fantastic elder statesman, very much in command of his lifestyle. I’d be alongside him singing magnificently.


George would be playing like an angel on his guitar. We’d be gelling, sounding like nothing anyone’s ever heard before with all the power of modern amplification.”

With a flourish he added: “And, behind us, would be the world’s greatest drummer. And it’d be fandabidozi! We could be introduced by the Krankies. Unfortunately, this is just pure imagination. But then what’s wrong with that?”

McCartney also revealed that he has artists old and new on his iPod, saying: “My iPod moves from Kaiser Chiefs to Neil Young to Guillemots to Bob Dylan to Radiohead to Bob Marley. And if you want to get a dancefloor moving, it’s I Will Survive. Mix that with Foo Fighters, throw in a bit of Fred Astaire, KC and the Sunshine Band, maybe Fatboy Slim and we’ve got it!”

Pic credit: Rex Features


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