Manics’ Nicky Wire to publish his first book in November

'Death Of The Polaroid: A Manics Family Album' is out on November 11

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Manic Street Preachers‘ bassist Nicky Wire is set to release his first book in November.

The book features Polaroid photos Wire has collected from the last 20 years and is called Death Of The Polaroid: A Manics Family Album’. It will come out on November 11.

For the release Wire has catalogued the Welsh band’s history, with photographs from their early days in Blackwood through to the present day.

In a video interview, which you can watch by scrolling down and clicking below, Wire described the book as “a family album of the Manic Street Preachers“.

The book will be the first of two Wire will be releasing via a deal he’s signed with the Faber publishing house.

Nicky Wire introduces Death Of The Polaroid: A Manics Family Album from FaberBooks on Vimeo.

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