Lost footage of David Bowie performing ‘Jean Genie’ on ‘Top Of The Pops’ in 1973 surfaces

Retired cameraman comes forward with rare film

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Lost footage of David Bowie performing on Top Of The Pops has surfaced.

Retired cameraman John Henshall recently unveiled a performance of the legend performing ‘Jean Genie’ in 1973 at the British Film Institute for the first time since it went out on air.

BBC producers wiped the original footage and it was thought to be lost until Henshall stepped forward with film from the show.


He said: “I didn’t realise that it had been wiped by the BBC. They’d been looking for it for years, hoping that somebody had maybe pointed an 8mm home movie camera at the screen, because there was no VHS in those days.”

Henshall added: “I just couldn’t believe that I was the only one with it. I just thought you wouldn’t be mad enough to wipe a tape like that.”

Bowie’s performance of ‘Jean Genie’ was recorded on 3 January 1973 and transmitted the following day for the first and only time, reports the BBC News.


After his time with Top of the Pops, Henshall went on to film professional music videos for Blondie, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Kate Bush, Spandau Ballet, Roxy Music and Queen.

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