Harold and Maude gets reworked

Lightspeed Champion is to perform songs by Cat Stevens from the soundtrack to cult film Harold and Maude at a special performance at Latitude Festival next month.

Highlights from the Cat Stevens-penned soundtrack to Hal Ashby’s sublime film include “If You Want To Sing Out, Sing Out” and “Don’t Be Shy” – most of the tracks from the film’s OST also appear on Stevens’ Tea For The Tillerman album.

Lightspeed Champion will be performing in the Film & Music Arena, and other new additions include a ‘Le Donk’ screening and Q&A with Shane Meadows and Paddy Considine (Read Uncut’s film preview and see the trailer here) and a Q&A with Stephen Frears being interviewed by David Morrissey.

Other new confirmations for the Suffolk festival include Robin Ince in the Comedy Arena and a return to the festival for ‘Music of The Spheres’ on the Waterfront – remember the giant bubble that floated with a gymnast inside it? Well it’s back. Prepare to be amazed.

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The festival fun kicks off on July 16!

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