Kings Of Leon Close First Night Of Glastonbury

The Followill family band preview a number of new songs during their set

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Kings Of Leon headlined the first night of Glastonbury Festival tonight (June 27), previewing a number of new songs.

The Followill family band performed new tracks “Manhattan” and “Crawl”, which opened the band’s set.

The four-piece also played a selection of songs from their previous three albums, including “Molly’s Chambers”, “Charmer” and “The Bucket”.


At one point, frontman Caleb Followill told the crowd: “The people at the BBC asked us not to play any new songs, but we’re going to have to ruffle some feathers tonight because it’s Glastonbury.”

The group ended the set with “Aha Shake Heartbreak”‘s “Slow Night So Long”.

Kings Of Leon played:



“Black Thumbnail”

“Taper Jean Girl”

“My Party”


“King Of The Rodeo”

“Wasted Time”




“Four Kicks”

“Molly’s Chambers”

“California Waiting”

“The Bucket”

“On Call”


“Pistol Of Fire”

“Spiral Staircase”


“Knocked Up”



“Slow Night So Long”

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