John Lydon postpones new PiL recording sessions to mourn The Slits’ Ari Up

He says he needs to be with his family following the death of his stepdaughter

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John Lydon has postponed the recording of Public Image Ltd‘s new album in order to mourn his stepdaughter, The SlitsAri Up.

The singer, real name Arianna Forster, died of cancer on October 25 aged 48. Lydon has said he is not yet ready to return to music-making with the reunited post-punk band.

“We were going to go into the studio but in light of my stepdaughter’s death I really can’t be doing that at the moment,” he told BBC News.

He added: “I don’t want to leave my wife alone for any length of time right now. So the music side has had to be held.”

Lydon said he feels the delay will ultimately benefit the album’s sound, adding that his Public Image Ltd bandmates “all understand” his reasons.

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