Jimmy Page “can’t forsee” a Led Zeppelin reunion

The band can't agree on the right reasons to reunite, apparently

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Jimmy Page has admitted that he can’t see a Led Zeppelin reunion happening any time soon, as the former band members cannot agree on the right reasons to get back together.

In a new interview with The Daily Beast, Page revealed, “We tried it a few times. It always seemed to be done in a hurry and it never worked. That’s why the O2 show was done with such intent. We rehearsed loads so that Jason — John’s son — felt like he was part of the band and not just some novelty. We all needed it to be that way. But I can’t foresee doing it again, because we all have to agree and agree for the right reasons.”

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Last year, Robert Plant revealed to Uncut: “A couple of years ago, I said [to Page], ‘If you’ve got anything acoustic, let me know. I’ll give it a whirl. It was hands across the water. But he walked away. Just walked away.

“But we couldn’t do anything proper. The weight of expectation is too great.”

Page recently explained that he is set to pursue a “new project” after completing remastering sessions for Led Zeppelin’s final three albums – Presence, In Through the Out Door and Coda.


Earlier this year, the guitarist spoke of a return to live performance declaring that he needed to get “match fit” before he can peform again.

“The one thing I haven’t been seen to be doing recently is playing guitar,” he said. “So now I’ve got the opportunity to put all my drive into playing the guitar and working out what way to present myself next.”

Page added: “I think it’s safe to assume that will be a new project. I don’t know who with yet because I haven’t had a chance to work on it, but I’ve got material that’s written I want to revisit and well, it’s an exciting time.”

Meanwhile, Page has also recently confirmed that as far as he’s concerned, he has officially closed the Led Zeppelin vault.

“As far as the studio side of things [goes], this is it,” said Page. “Unless something might pop up on international Record [Store] Day or something like that. But it will be a long way off.”

Page has already previewed a previously unheard track, “Sugar Mama”, from the Coda package.

Rolling Stone reports that Page expressed his satisfaction with the reissue campaign, saying, “As far as I’m concerned, I’ve done my job.”

He also discussed the amount of unofficially released live Zeppelin material, noting that with the substantial number of bootlegs in circulation, it seemed unlikely he would pursue a live project on the scale of the studio reissues.

“Looking at the whole bootleg scene and knowing how much live material had already come out, and pretty good stuff at that, dealing with the studio outtakes seemed to be a more satisfying project,” he said. “I knew the chronology and the quality of what was going to turn up so I could really visualize it a lot easier than all the [live] bootlegs that are out there. This is what needed to be done – the whole Led Zeppelin world in the studio needed to be dealt with properly and seriously.”

Asked what he’ll be doing now the reissue series is completed, Page said: “I won’t take it easy. I’ll be working on the guitar now, because that’s the next thing to be obsessive about.”

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