Jimi Hendrix photographer Gered Mankovitz reveals all about 1960s sessions

'There was a lot of laughing and giggling,' Mankovitz says

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Jimi Hendrix photographer Gered Mankovitz has spoken about studio photo sessions with the guitar legend in the 1960s in a new video for Uncut‘s sister-publication [url=http://www.nme.com/news/jimi-hendrix–2/52435]NME[/url].

In the video Mankovitz revealed that Hendrix and his band struggled to appear enigmatic in photos and were actually prone to giggling fits.

“There was a lot of laughing and giggling,” he said of a studio photo session that took place shortly after the guitarist landed in London in 1966. “Every bloke [in the 1960s] wanted to be moody and sexy and yet there was endless laughter.”

He added: “Especially Mitch [Mitchell, drummer]…when he tried to look moody and cool he just broke everybody up. But they managed to do it enough times to make the shoot look viable and worthwhile.”

The new issue of [url=http://www.nme.com]NME[/url] (out nationwide from August 11) features more about Hendrix, including the story of the last week of his life, as well as tributes and pictures. [url=http://www.nme.com]NME[/url] is on UK newsstands, or available digitally worldwide right now.

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