Jean Michel Jarre Turns Oxygene 3D

Live show is first concert captured in stereoscopy!

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Jean Michel Jarre is releasing a special ‘Oxygene 30th Anniversary Edition’ 3D DVD as well as a 5.1 surround sound re-recording of his defining 1976 debut.

The 30th anniversary version of ‘Oxygene – Live In Your Living Room’ saw Jean Michel Jarre unearth his collection of vintage synthesisers for the new recording. Jarre has also added four new tracks to the work.

Filming his performance live – Jarre is the first person to employ a stereoscopic camera to record the show in 3D.


James Cameron, director of Titanic has patented a new stereoscopic movie camera and plans to release his next movie in stereoscopic 3D.

Jean Michel Jarre was accompanied by three musicians for this special live performance, as the eight track original requires eight hands for a live performance.

Played totally live in one take, without tape or hard-disk playback, Jarre was joined by musicians Francis Rimbert, Claude Samard and Dominique Perrier.


Oxygene – Live In Your Living Room will be available on CD, 2D DVD with audio CD, and Ltd edition 3D DVD and 5.1 CD.

The tracklisting for the DVD is:

[01] Prelude (New track)

[02] Oxygene (Part I)

[03] Oxygene (Part II)

[04] Oxygene (Part III)

[05] Variation (Part I) (New track)

[06] Oxuygene (Part IV)

[07] Variation (Part II) (New track)

[08] Oxygene (Part V)

[09] Variation (Part III) (NEW Track)

[10] Oxygene (Part VI)


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