Iron Butterfly reportedly working on first new studio album since 1975

Guitarist Mike Pinera says band have reunited...

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Guitarist Mike Pinera says band have reunited…

Iron Butterfly look set to record a new studio album – their first since the release of ‘Sun and Steel’ in 1975.


In an interview with blogger Jeff Cramer, as reported by Ultimate Classic Rock, guitarist Mike Pinera revealed that the band’s latest line-up are working on a new LP together and plan to play some shows in the near future.

“I’ll let you in on a little scoop,” said Pinera. “We just reformed Iron Butterfly with some original members…Ron Bushy, the original drummer and founder of the band, and myself, and Doug Ingle Jr.”

The band formed in 1966, with Pinera joining the oft-changed line-up in 1969. Ingle Jr is the son of founding keyboardist and main songwriter Doug Ingle Sr, who was not mentioned as being part of the reunion. According to Pinera, a new bassist has been added to complete the quartet. His assertions have, however, yet to be confirmed by any other sources.


Iron Butterfly are perhaps best known for their 1968 track “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida“, which was taken from the album of the same name. The record has, to date, sold over 30 million copies.

A number of deaths and health scares appeared to end the influential prog rock band in recent years. In 2012 bass player Lee Dorman passed away at the age of 70 in California, while guitarist Larry Reinhardt also died at the age of 63. Charlie Marinkovic, who joined Iron Butterfly in 2002, departed the band last year.

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