George Harrison’s Catalogue Goes Digital

The last Beatles member's solo records now available online

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Parlophone / EMI have this week published George Harrison’s solo catalogue online.

Nine of Harrison’s albums are now available digitally, including 2001’s remaster of his first post-Beatles album, 1970’s ‘All Things Must Pass.’

Remastered editions have been chosen over the originals because of the superior sound quality plus the addition of bonus tracks that have since been added.


Harrison’s final album of new material, published a year after his death, in 2001, ‘Brainwashed’, is also included.

The remainder of his solo works will be made available in the New Year.

The release of these albums means that now all four Beatles’ solo catalogues are available digitally.


The full list of Harrison’s albums now published through digital providers is:

All Things Must Pass (2001 remaster)

Thirty Three & 1/3 (2004 remaster)

George Harrison (2004 remaster)

Somewhere In England (2004 remaster)

Gone Troppo (2004 remaster)

Cloud Nine (2004 remaster)

Live In Japan (2004 remaster)


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