Early Bob Dylan lyric sheets fail to sell at auction

The artifacts were expected to fetch around £57,000...

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The artifacts were expected to fetch around £57,000…

Two sets of original early Bob Dylan lyrics have failed to sell at auction.

The typed lyric sheets with handwritten notes correspond to early, unrecorded Dylan tracks “Talkin’ Folklore Centre” and “Go Away You Bomb”, but failed to find a buyer at Christies, New York yesterday (December 4).

As Billboard reports, “Talkin Folklore Centre” – originally penned in 1962 – was written on request by Dylan’s producer Izzy Young for a song about the Folklore Centre store. The lyric sheet for this track was expected to fetch between $40,000 and $60,000 (£25,000 – £38,000).

1963 track “Go Away You Bomb“, meanwhile, was written for an unpublished book that Young was compiling about anti-nuclear songs. These lyrics were estimated at $30,000 – $50,000 (£19,000 – £30,000).

Neither, however, found a buyer, meaning that the consignor must now decide what will happen to the lyrics.

Other pieces of rock memorabilia have recent had more success at auction, however. In October a rare signed vinyl of The Beatles’ Please Please Me fetched over £22,000, while Willie Nelson’s hair plaits went for £23,000 the same month.


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