He's also planning to release another Gorillaz album


[b]Damon Albarn[/b] has formed a new band featuring drummer [b]Tony Allen[/b] and [b]Red Hot Chili Peppers[/b]’ bassist [b]Flea[/b].

The band, who are currently unnamed, have “three-quarters finished” their debut album, according to [b]Albarn[/b].

Speaking to Stuff.co.nz, the [b]Gorillaz[/b] and [b]Blur[/b] man said that the new band is “centred around what [[b]Tony[/b]] does,” referring to [b]Allen[/b]’s [b]Afrobeat[/b] background.

Of [b]Flea[/b], who also plays in [b]Radiohead[/b]’s [b]Thom Yorke[/b]’s side project [b]Atoms For Peace[/b], he explained: “[b]Flea[/b], of course, is an anagram for [b]Fela[/b] and [b]Flea[/b] is so into this music – so that’s been great.”

[b]Allen[/b] and [b]Albarn[/b] have previously played together in [b]The Good The Bad And The Queen[/b], of whom [b]Albarn[/b] said new material was also a distinct possibility. “Well, I would hope so, definitely,” he explained.

Meanwhile, he also confirmed that he is working on a new [b]Gorillaz[/b] album while touring with the band.

“I guess it’s my love letter to America,” he said of the project. “I used to be baffled by this place, and I guess I still am in some ways. America confused me enormously. But right now, with all that’s going on, this is a good place to be and this has been a great tour.”

Referring to his future plans, [b]Albarn[/b] admitted he thinks the current [b]Gorillaz[/b] tour will be his last for some time, saying: “There won’t be another world tour for me, for anything, for five to six years.”

He added: “I have a young daughter and it’s just not feasible, it’s too long away from home.”

However, he also admitted that he plans to make a solo album, saying: “I’ve promised myself that one day there’ll be a proper ballad record, I don’t know – [b]’Damon Albarn Sings Ballads'[/b] or something.”

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