CUT of The Day: Amy Winehouse Steals The Show

Ending the will she/won't she appear? A standing ovation for 'Love Is A Losing Game' at last night's Mercurys

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CUT of the day: September 5, 2007

If you missed the live TV coverage of last night’s televised Nationwide Mercury Music Prize, check out the the video below.

Amy Winehouse, one of twelve nominees in contention for the British album’s prize, for her album ‘Back In Black‘ – ended speculation about whether or not she would appear at the last minute.

Going onstage with only an acoustic guitar to back her, Winehouse delivered a great, if slightly nervous, performance.

This clip has only been on YouTube for 11 hours and has already been viewed nearly 26, 000 times already…

Check it out for yourself below. Was Winehouse robbed of the prize? Is she too ‘retro’ as prizewinners Klaxons put it?


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