Company claim Love didn't hand over fair share of sale profits


[b]Courtney Love[/b] and management company [b]London And Co[/b] have settled a legal dispute over money earned through the rights to [b]Nirvana[/b]’s songs.

The company claimed that [b]Love[/b], the widow of [b]Nirvana[/b] frontman [b]Kurt Cobain[/b], did not give over money owed after the publishing rights to the band’s music were sold two years ago.

Around $20 million (£12.9 million) was raised in the sale.

Now the organisation have confirmed that a settlement between the two parties has been reached, reports the Associated Press. The details of the settlement were agreed in [b]Los Angeles[/b] but have not been made public. [b]Love[/b]’s lawyer [b]James Janowitz[/b] also confirmed that a settlement has been reached.

The singer inherited many of the rights to [b]Nirvana[/b]’s songs after [b]Cobain[/b] died in 1994.

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