Courtney Barnett: “I’ve got nearly an album of country-folk songs written”

The singer and songwriter tells Uncut about her future plans

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Courtney Barnett has revealed that she has an album’s worth of country and folk-influenced songs written – but isn’t sure what she’ll do with them.

Speaking in the current issue of Uncut, Barnett explains that she often writes songs that don’t fit with the rest of her material, but stockpiles them for the future.

“I’ve got nearly an album’s worth of country/folk/picky songs that just haven’t fit anywhere else,” she reveals, “which are kind of coming back out. So those are fun, messing around with that shit.


“I forget songs so easily sometimes. I’m a big planner, but I’m bad at following through. I’m sure slowly I’ll do an album, or something, with them. Sometimes it’s hard, songs just don’t feel like they fit together with others. But I’m sure they’ll come out in the end. I don’t know what the next album will sound like, anyway.”

Courtney Barnett heads to the UK later in the month, beginning her tour at London’s Forum on November 25.

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