Chris Cornell Making New Solo Album

The Audioslave singer is trying new things

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Chris Cornell, former frontman with grunge Soundgarden and currently the voice behind the new James Bond Movie theme song “You Know My Name,” has spoken about progress on his second solo album.

This new album will be the grunge songwriter’s first solo effort since1999’s critically acclaimed debut, “Euphoria Morning.”

Cornell says of the new music that, “It’s not as aggressive as an Audioslave record, but much more experimental. It’s something that I’ve always done – even in the early days of Soundgarden – and I use that as a time to do a lot of things in music I wouldn’t normally do in a band, which is a lot. I could make solo records for the rest of my career and still wouldn’t run out of things to try.”

The album is being produced by Steve Lilywhite, whose previous credits include Morrissey, the Rolling Stones and U2, and is scheduled for completion early next year.

Chris Cornell will be in the UK at the same time and will announce some live dates nearer the time.

Audioslave have recently released their third studio album “Revelations.”

Listen to the theme for Casino Royale- “You Know My Name” by clicking here now


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