Bob Dylan Tell Tales Special: Online Exclusive!

Part 2 of our extended transcripts with those behind the Bootleg Vol 8 recordings

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BOB DYLAN SPECIAL: The Complete Tell Tale Signs

In this month’s issue of Uncut, we celebrate the release of Tell Tale Signs, the Bootleg Series Vol 8, Bob Dylan’s astonishing 2 and 3CD collection of unreleased material from 1989-2006.

We spoke to the musicians, producers and crew who worked with him during this period. And now, here’s your chance to read the full, unedited transcripts of those interviews.

Today, we present Oh Mercy engineer and multi instrumentalist, Malcolm Burn, while full interviews with Don Was, Daniel Lanois, Jim Keltner and others will follow in a further eleven parts in the coming month.

Next one up this Wednesday (October 8)!

Click here to read Malcolm Burn’s full interview.

Check back to for the next installments.


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