Blur’s Graham Coxon on The Magic Whip: “We were all scared to death…”

The guitarist discusses the band's brand new album

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Graham Coxon has shed light on the making of Blur’s new album, The Magic Whip, speaking in the new issue of Uncut, out now.

The guitarist recalled the initial lo-fi recording sessions in Hong Kong, his later work finessing and expanding on the jams in London with Stephen Street, and his trepidation at playing what he had done to Damon Albarn.

“We were all scared to death,” Coxon says. “I wanted Damon to feel that it was nearly finished and I was hoping that it would inspire him.


“After the first track, he started to warm up. Then he started swearing. Then he started dancing around a bit. Then Dave and Alex shoved some bass on here and there where it needed to be redone because the sound wasn’t that brilliant, the Hong Kong recordings.”

The Magic Whip is reviewed in full in the new issue of Uncut, dated May 2015 and out now.

Photo: Linda Brownlee


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