'Mount Wittenberg Orca' is due out on June 30


[b]Bjork[/b] and [b]Dirty Projectors[/b] have announced details of their forthcoming EP.

Entitled [b]’Mount Wittenberg Orca'[/b], the joint studio effort features tracks originally written for a [b]New York[/b] benefit concert they did together in 2009.

Recorded at the [b]Rare Book Room[/b] in [b]Brooklyn[/b] with [b]Nicolas Vernhes[/b], all proceeds from the release will go to help marine conservation.

“We’ve decided to give away all the money that [b]’Mount Wittenberg Orca'[/b] generates to the project of creating international marine protected areas,” [b]Dirty Projectors[/b]’ [b]David Longstreth[/b] said in statement to Stereogum.com. “Only one per cent of the oceans are protected in any way and this is a huge problem.”

He added: “We’re working with the [b]National Geographic Society[/b] to create areas of sustainability, so the oceans don’t end up like a giant poisonous corpse hugging the continents.”

Available exclusively via Topspin.net, pre-orders for [b]’Mount Wittenberg Orca'[/b] are being taken with donations starting at $7.

The tracklisting for [b]’Mount Wittenberg Orca'[/b] is as follows:

‘On And Ever Onward’
‘When The World Comes To An End’
‘Beautiful Mother’
‘Sharing Orb’
‘No Embrace’
‘All We Are'[/b]

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