Beach Boys US Singles Collection Coming Soon

Eight unreleased mixes feature on The Capitol Years 1962 -1965

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EMI Records are to release a new Beach Boys singles box set covering their ‘Capitol Years’ on June 16.

The ‘U.S. Singles Collection The Capitol Years 1962 – 1965’ will feature eight previously unreleased mixes of singles amongst the 16 discs of 66 tracks.

All the discs feature the original single artwork and will be packaged as individual digipacks, with the original and A and B sides, along with additional mixes and live recordings too.

All the tracks will also be made available to buy as downloads from June 16.

The full US singles collection tracklisting is:

CD Single 1:

‘Surfin’ Safari’
‘409’ (Live)

CD Single 2:

‘Ten Little Indians’
‘County Fair’

CD Single 3:

‘Surfin’ USA’
‘Shut Down’
‘Surfin’ USA'(Stereo mix)
‘Shut Down’ (Stereo mix)

CD Single 4:

‘Surfer Girl’
‘Little Deuce Coupe’
‘Surfer Girl'(Stereo mix)
‘Little Deuce Coupe'(Stereo mix)

CD Single 5

‘Be True To Your School’
‘In My Room'(Mono)
‘Be True To Your School'(Stereo)
‘In My Room’ (Stereo)

CD Single 6

‘Little Saint Nick’
‘The Lord’s Prayer’
‘Little Saint Nick'(Stereo)
‘The Lord’s Prayer’ (Stereo)

CD Single 7

‘Fun, Fun, Fun’
‘Why Do Fools Fall In Love?’
‘Fun, Fun, Fun'(Stereo)
‘Why Do Fools Fall In Love?'(Mono)

CD Single 8

‘I Get Around’
‘Don’t Worry Baby’
‘I Get Around'(Stereo)
‘Don’t Worry Baby'(Stereo)

CD Single 9

‘When I Grow Up To Be A Man’
‘She Knows Me Too Well’
‘When I Grow Up To Be A Man'(Stereo)
‘She Knows Me Too Well’ (Stereo)

CD Single 10

‘Don’t Back Down’
‘Little Honda’ (Mono)
‘Wendy’ (Stereo)
‘Don’t Back Down’ (Stereo)
‘Little Honda’ (Stereo)
‘Hushabye’ (Stereo)

CD Single 11

‘Dance, Dance, Dance’
‘The Warmth Of The Sun’
‘Dance, Dance, Dance’ (Stereo)
‘The Warmth Of The Sun'(Stereo)

CD Single 12

‘The Man With All The Toys’
‘Blue Christmas’
‘The Man With All The Toys’ (Stereo)
‘Blue Christmas’ (Stereo)

CD Single 13

‘Do You Wanna Dance?’
‘Please Let Me Wonder’
‘Do You Wanna Dance?’ (Stereo)
‘Please Let Me Wonder’ (Stereo)

CD Single 14

‘Help Me, Rhonda’
‘Kiss Me, Baby’
‘Help Me, Rhonda'(Mono backing track)
‘Kiss Me, Baby’ (Stereo)

CD Single 15

‘California Girls’
‘Let Him Run Wild’
‘California Girls’ (Stereo)
‘Let Him Run Wild’ (Stereo)

CD Single 16 (Bonus Single)

‘All Dressed Up For School’
‘I’m So Young’
‘Help Me, Rhonda'(Mono)
‘Graduation Day’


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