Arcade Fire set to have ‘experimental’ writing sessions in 2011

Will Butler speaks about the bands future plans

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Arcade Fire‘s Will Butler has said that the band will tour in Spring next year.

The band have gigs booked up until their UK dates end in mid-December, but the multi-instrumentalist told The Wall Street Journal that they would “definitely” be announcing more shows for the first quarter of 2011.

“We’ll definitely be touring next Spring because the weather will be nicer to drive around in the springtime than the winter,” he said.


Butler was speaking ahead of a talk yesterday (November 2) at Northwestern University in Illinois, which he used to attend. He talked about the band’s work with the Partners For Health charity.

He also said that Arcade Fire would start new writing sessions before the spring dates.

“We’re going to experiment this winter,” he said. “We’re not quite sure what we’re doing in February, but January and March we’ll probably be off. We’ve never successfully written or done anything really in a middle of a touring cycle.”


He added: “We’re going to see if we can maybe get into a different rhythm besides the tour, tour, tour, rest, rest, rest, tour, tour, tour, rest, rest, rest. We’re going to see if we can intertwine them a little bit.”

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