All Shook Cup – More Elvis For Sale On Ebay

A papercup is expected to reach £300

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A paper cup given to a fan by Elvis Presley on October 24th 1976 is up for sale on trading site eBay.

The cup, expected to reach up to £300, was used during a gig at Robert Stadium, Evansville, Indiana, and photographic evidence suggests that there were definitely paper cups on stage at the gig.

A papercup from Elvis has previously been auctioned in 2005 by Wade Jones when it fetched $300 on the same auction site.

The latest such item, owned by a South American lady, is hoping to repeat the success.

The cup owned by Jones became a bit of a celebrity in it’s own right, being taken on a 34-date US tour finishing late last year, even inspiring the song ‘The Elvis Cup’ from the Philippine Elvis impersonator, Renelvis.

Such is the power of a paper cup, which has (allegedly) been used by the King, that mediums believe Elvis communicates with them in its presence and even sends them songs from the other side.

The latest papercup up for sale has not got such a celebrity following, yet, and currently resides in Rio de Janeiro. For authenticity, it will arrive with photography from the 1976 gig at which it was used, as well as video footage showing a female fan asking for the cup itself. As if that wasn’t enough the cup will also arrive with a special signature, unfortunately it is from the hand of the woman who received the cup rather than the great man himself.

There is over a week left to bid so, if you fancy hearing Elvis singing to you from beyond the grave or just simply basking in the glorious glow of a cup that (could have) once touched his lips, there is plenty of time. Just be prepared to pay a fairly hefty sum for the privilege.

Check out the elvis cup action on eBay by clicking here


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