AC/DC Reveal Tracklisting For Black Ice

And there's only three songs with rock'n'roll in their titles

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As we reported yesterday, the mighty AC/DC are set to release their first album in eight years on October 20 in the UK.

Now, though, we have a couple more bits of info about this auspicious event. First, if you’re in the States, you’re going to have to visit Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club or the band’s official website, since they’ve got an exclusive on “Black Ice”.

Second, we have a tracklisting, which doesn’t suggest AC/DC are venturing into new thematic areas on the album. In fact, most of us could have sworn that the band must surely have used most of these titles several times already in their fine and long career. How can it be possible, for instance, that they’ve never previously written songs called “Anything Goes”, “Smash’n’Grab”, “She Likes Rock’n’Roll” or “Rocking All The Way”?


Whatever. It’s going to be great, of course, and here’s the full tracklisting:

‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Train’

‘Skies on Fire’


‘Big Jack’

‘Anything Goes’

‘War Machine’

‘Smash ‘n’ Grab’

‘Spoilin’ For a Fight’



‘Stormy May Day’

‘She Likes Rock ‘n’ Roll’

‘Money Made’

‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Dream’

‘Rocking All the Way’

‘Black Ice’


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