Affecting nu-folk debut from Liverpudlian Lin Sangster

11’09″01—September 11

Eleven short films about 9/11 from 11 directors, including Sean Penn and Ken Loach

Hollywood Ending

Movie industry satire based on Tolstoy's The Death Of Ivan Ilyich

The Wash

Hip hop's finest double-act, Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg, pay loose, improvisational homage to the 1976 comedy classic Car Wash with this amiably inert tale of two roommates scheming, scamming and "busting suds" at the local LA 'wash. There's a kidnapping subplot, consistent casual misogyny, and cameos from Ludacris, Eminem and Tommy Chong. Overall, patchy, but not entirely pointless.

Blade II

Wesley Snipes returns as Blade the Daywalker, scourge of vampires despite being half-vampire himself. This time he's recruited by the Vampire Nation to lead a crack assault team (including the wonderful Ron Perlman) against a new breed of bloodsucker that menaces vampires as well as humans. As stylish as the first flick, but not quite as much fun.

Dancing In The Dark

Best-of for uniquely bleak songwriter

West World

The all-encompassing world of

Simple Minds

Remastering the Scottish stadium rockers' fame years

Hoggboy – Or 8?

Debut release from Yorkshire four-piece follows on from support slot with The White Stripes


From Monterey, Mexico, Kinky's extraordinary debut album was recently shortlisted for the American equivalent of the Mercury Music Prize, and it's easy to hear why. The quartet mix funk, house, rock-en-Español, salsa, hip hop and mariachi into an anarchic musical fusion that has inevitably been dubbed 'decks-Mex'. Think the Chemical Brothers meet Flaco Jiminez and you'll get the idea. The lyrics are fascinating, too, although they're almost entirely in Spanish. "San Antonio" is about a local saint, who, when hung upside down, helps women to catch boyfriends.

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