10 Highlights From End Of The Road Festival 2021 – Day 3

Bring Prince back to life! Churn your own ice-cream! All this and much more...

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Here’s a selection of curios, amuse-bouches and things that have made us smile as we wander the End of The Road site…

The Festival Post Office
Write a letter, post it in the letter box by the Big Top and get it delivered direct to your tent!

** 5 random overheard conversations
“… I brought some night wear. But, really, what’s the point in getting changed?…”
“… I’m with everyone so try and find us…”
“… and so he took a full orchestra with him…”
“… I’m thinking of converting my garage into a gym…”
“… I told my boss I was at college yesterday…”


** The petition to bring Prince back to life
Add your name and get ready for the resurrection!

** 5 books we found at the Book Tree:
Andy McNabb, Aggression
Susan Heyward, A Guide To The Advanced Soul
Michael Parkinson, Muhamad Ali: A Memoir
Jason Blume, Six Steps To Songwriting Success

** 5 t-shirt slogans spotted around site
Krautrock 1968 Germany
I Prefer Their Earlier Stuff
Lowell George: Rock’n’ Roll Doctor
Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks (lots of these)
Sisters: Tune In, Turn On (quite surprised to see one of these…)


** 5 flavours of ice cream sold at Shepherds Ice Cream Parlour
Lebanese coffee
Blackcurrant ripple
Peanut butter and chocolate
Toffee & honeycomb
Coconut & lime

** Ice cream churning
Sign up and you can ride on a tandem around site, with a small churn attached to the back. As the bicycle moves, the churn spins… and ice cream the delicious outcome.

** Best music heard at a food stall
Shout out to the Crispy Duck for their soul and house playlist: easily the best soundtrack we’ve heard at a food stall this year

** 5 songs played at the How Does It Feel To Be Loved? children’s disco
“Birdhouse In Your Soul”, They Might Be Giants
“Blitzkrieg Bop”, Ramones
“Surfin’ USA”, The Beach Boys
“Rock Lobster”, The B-52s
“Happy Birthday”, Altered Images

** Wheelbarrows for hire
The best and quickest way to transport tired children across the site.

… and special mention: The peacocks. These five, strutting around near the Garden Stage like they own the place.


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