The 46th Uncut Playlist Of 2017

The best things I missed in 2017 + the best things I've received for 2018

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Thanks for all your kind messages about my favourite albums of 2017 list. I’ve spent some of the last two or three days picking through some other interesting end-of-year charts and investigating what I’d missed. Especially useful have been Marc Masters’ thread on Twitter of neglected records

and Stewart Smith’s Jazz list for The Quietus, which lead me to the superb Amir El Saffar/Rivers Of Sound and Nicole Mitchell records: please check them out.


A good crop of new 2018 things here, too, kicked off by what I think may be Ty Segall’s best ever LP. I never thought I’d have cause to recommend a Hot Chocolate, but here we are – it’s a killer. Also strongly recommended among this lot: the expanded Hiss Golden Messenger letting fly on the Seth Meyers show; Jerry David DeCicca’s Cohenish reverie; Pharrell and NERD bringing the Dead Kennedys; Kate Carr (from Marc’s fine list); and, at last, something from the terrific Tomaga record I’ve been playing a hell of a lot…

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1 Ty Segall – Freedom’s Goblin (Drag City)


Freedom’s Goblin by Ty Segall

2 Neil Young – Live At Coronation Hall, Omemee, Canada 1/12/17

3 The Hold Steady – Entitlement Crew/A Snake In The Shower (Bandcamp)

Entitlement Crew b/w A Snake In The Shower by The Hold Steady

4 Brigid Mae Power – The Two Worlds (Tompkins Square)

5 Robert Stillman – Portals (Orindal)

6 The Lightmen – Free As You Wanna Be (Now Again)

7 Bedouine – Louise (Spacebomb)

8 Imarhan – Temet (City Slang)

9 Jonathan Wilson – Rare Birds (Bella Union)

10 Desertion Trio – Midtown Tilt (Shhpuma/Clean Feed)

11 Bitchin Bajas – Bajas Fresh (Drag City)

12 Olden Yolk – Olden Yolk (Trouble In Mind)

13 Hiss Golden Messenger – Domino (Time Will Tell) (Late Night With Seth Meyers)

14 Hans Chew – Open Sea (At The Helm)

15 Gwenno – Le Kov (Heavenly)

16 Björk – Utopia (One Little Indian)

17 NERD & Future – 1000 (RCA)

18 Tyshawn Sorey – Verisimilitude (Pi)

Verisimilitude by Tyshawn Sorey

19 HC McEntire – Lionheart (Merge)

20 Amir El Saffar/Rivers Of Sound – Not Two (New Amsterdam)

Not Two by Amir ElSaffar / Rivers of Sound

21 Tomaga – Memory In Vivo Exposure (Hands In The Dark)

22 Kate Carr – The Story Surrounds Us (Helen Scarsdale)

The Story Surrounds Us by Kate Carr

23 Nicole Mitchell – Mandorla Awakening II: Emerging Worlds (FPE)

Mandorla Awakening II: Emerging Worlds by Nicole Mitchell

24 Jerry David DeCicca – Time The Teacher (Impossible Ark)



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