One For The Road

Engrossing, gritty, Shane Meadows-style debut from Chris Cooke, wherein three boozehounds on a rehab course scheme to scam portly tycoon Hywel Bennett. The lo-fi camerawork's iffy, but after starting slowly it tightens like a vice as cocktails, weed and violence kick in. Well written and acted, and surely the only film to argue that Jean-Michel Jarre's comeback gig was better than Glastonbury.

The Rita Hayworth Collection

Worth owning for the way she peels off her opera gloves as the nightclub singer caught in the snake's nest noir Gilda (1946) alone. It also features Rita chased by Fred Astaire in You Were Never Lovelier (1942); shaking her stuff with Gene Kelly and a pre-Bilko Phil Silvers in Cover Girl (1944); and being a magnificent bitch to nightclub heel Sinatra in Pal Joey (1957). Lady is a vamp.

Ju-on: The Grudge

Rising Japanese horror star Takashi Shimizu's original...Grudge, pre-Sarah Michelle Gellar redux is a wealth of eerie detail, carefully composed shocks, cadaverous children, vengeful spirits and classic"she's behind you!"moments all crammed into a fairly hoary'haunted house'narrative. Still, the shower scene, complete with wandering ghostly hand, is hard to top.

The Charlie Chan Chanthology

Sadly not the classic'30s capers starring Warner Oland as the philosophical Chinese detective but those of his replacement Sidney Toler after the Chan franchise had been sold off to the poverty-stricken studios of Monogram. Of the six films here, 1944's mildly diverting chess murder mystery The Chinese Cat is the best of an admittedly ropey bunch, which also includes Meeting At Midnight and The Jade Mask.

Main Contender

Mixed bag of Marlon, including classics The Wild One and On The Waterfront

The Two Johns

Six classic Ford-Wayne collaborations, some new to DVD

Un Chien Andalou/L’Age D’Or

Punk rock began in 1929/30, when Luis Buñuel caused riots with these erotic howls of protest, urging the human race to place love and lust above civic duty. Visually he broke the mould, with a little help from Salvador Dalí. The 17-minute Un Chien is a hymn to desire; the 63-minute L'Age D'Or is shocking and beautifully immortal.

Lost Highway

Moonshine mayhem...Mitchum's gutter classic sets the template for road-to-nowhere film-making

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