Ronnie Lane’s Slim Chance – Slim Chance

Flat broke folk/baroque rock

Bill Withers – Just As I Am

That so little of Bill Withers' catalogue is available domestically is nothing short of scandalous; someone at Sony (who also own the four superb early Sussex albums) should be beaten soundly. Still Bill did slip out here a few months ago, but with little fanfare, and now that and his 1971 debut, Just As I Am, produced by Booker T Jones, appear on Australian label Raven.

The Cramps – Flamejob

Alan McGee may have had bigger fish to fry in 1994 (namely the era-defining debut of five scallies from Burnage), but that didn't stop him investing well-spent time and money on this, The Cramps' sixth album proper. A good job, too, since Flamejob is a blast; its tunes every bit as colourful as their preposterous titles (eg; "Naked Girl Falling Down The Stairs"). If anything, it sounds even more current today, with The White Stripes reigning supreme, than it did 10 years ago in the shadow of their mono-browed labelmates.

Various Artists – Goodbye, Babylon

Magnificent six-CD compilation of gospel roots

Robert Palmer – At His Very Best

Posthumous collection heavily skewed in favour of the '80s hits

Stevie Wonder – The Definitive Collection

Two-CD compilation full of little wonders

Reviewing The Situationists

Reissued best-of follows renewed interest in scabrous post-punk politicos

Joe South – Introspect

Two late-'60s psych-country masterpieces on one disc

Various Artists – The Songs Of Jimmy Webb, Tunesmith

Hefty selection of Webb songs, featuring R.E.M., Stevie Wonder, Scott Walker and Dusty Springfield

Tangerine Dream – Tangents

Re-release of '94 box with extra material

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