Various Artists – Magnum Opus 3

Latest volume of 20 full-length 12-inch classics from '70s and '80s

Morcheeba – Parts Of The Process

Compilation of London trip hoppers' four albums to date, plus two new cuts

Them – Now—And “Them”

First time on CD for post-Morrison freakout album recorded in California

Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark

OMD were always the most reasonable of electropoppers, and much of their eponymous 1980 debut album resembles a sixth-form music project with songs ranging from the endearingly daft ("Red Frame/White Light") to the accidentally profound ("Messages"). Organisation, released six months later, is what they turned into after they had listened to Joy Division; few hit singles have been as darkly ironic as "Enola Gay".

The Bluegrass Angel

Californian country-folk belle lets the sunshine through on excellent fourth album

Sandy Dillon – Nobody’s Sweetheart

Third album from ex-Broadway actress

Clowntime Is Over

The poet laureate of hooliganism returns

Animal Collective – Here Comes The Indian

New York weirdos make a strange, glorious noise

Easy Star All-Stars – Dub Side Of The Moon

The Floyd's classic gets dub-wise makeover

Roxy Music – Live

The rapturous return of Commander Ferry and the finest space age rock band in the universe

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