Yes, it’s another list of records played in the Uncut office. Bear with me. . .

So today at Uncut we've been frantically finishing the issue, struggling in vain to make an online streaming of the new Om album work and, oh yeah, doing a lot of interviews with various radio and TV stations about this Led Zeppelin reunion.

Uncut playlist time

Another playlist today. There is one other record we've played, but without appearing too corny and clandestine, I'm going to keep its identity secret for now, since we got hold of it by faintly nefarious means. Hopefully I'll be able to post something more revealing in the next few days. In the meantime, here's today's selection; a bit of a curious lot, when I write them down. . .

What we’ve played today in the Uncut office

Looks like I'm going to be resorting to a few playlists rather than full blogs this week. An exciting combination of deadlines and emergency dental work, and the distraction this afternoon of a man in a very good gorilla suit running around the office (blame NME) mean I haven't much time at the moment. But I'm still simultaneously working my way through the pile of new CDs that amassed while I was on vacation. Here, then, is what we've played thus far today:

Today’s Uncut playlist, plus Ethiopiques

Apologies for the deadly silence over here these past two weeks. We haven't run out out of good music worth writing about, of course: the good CDs kept turning up, it's just that I wasn't in the office to play them.

Today’s Uncut playlist

These seem to be quite popular, so here are the fairly eclectic records we've played in the Uncut office today. Unlike last week's rundown, I think we're broadly behind all of this lot. . .

What we’ve played today in the Uncut office

I haven't done one of these playlists for a week or so, and there are plenty of interesting things that have arrived here in the interim. So these are the records that have put us off work on the next issue thus far today. I'll be writing about a few of them over the next few days, apart from one which sounded pretty dull and which I won't mention here to try and retain the, y'know, positive vibes. . .

More Sly Stone, PJ Harvey and Devendra Banhart pending, plus today’s office playlist

The Sly And The Family Stone show in Lovebox and the gigs that preceded it have provoked some pretty interesting responses. Over at the Uncut festivals blog, someone called Alex notes, "Yes it's casualty soul funk - still better than the my little twat club etc (Not sure exactly what he's on about here, but stick with it) who can barely put a riff together. At least the yoof can hear how it should be done - that session band were tight as hell - and maybe we'll get some decent new bands coming through." Dillon, meanwhile, merely writes, "Can Someone say FREEKSHOW?"

Today’s Uncut soundtrack

Reeling somewhat from the news that Bob Dylan has permitted Mark Ronson to remix "Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I'll Go Mine)", it occurs to me that there's not much time to file a blog today. Here, instead, is what we've played today in the Uncut office -

Today’s Uncut Playlist: So Far

OK, I know this looks a bit pathetic, but Michael and Allan are off today and I've been too busy to put together a proper blog. So instead, here are the records that we've played in the Uncut office today: -

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