Black drinking comedy starring Hywel Bennett

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One For The Road


This is a case of a movie wishfully billing itself as a comedy when, in fact, its tone is largely downbeat. Written and directed by Chris Cooke, One For The Road concerns three men?alcoholic salesman Paul, dopehead cabbie Mark and the desperately ambitious Jimmy?who meet on a rehabilitation course for drink drivers. There, they meet wealthy but lonely property developer Mark (Hywel Bennett) and realise that, if they butter him up right, he represents an excellent networking opportunity.

One For The Road’s funniest moments are the role-playing scenes at the rehab course, led by the insufferable Ian (Johnny Phillips). But the despondency of the young, lovelorn Jimmy, desperate to offload an unprofitable business concern he’s inherited and move to Thailand, eventually drag the film down into a morose mire, and it slithers to a bizarre, unresolved conclusion. The semi-improvised style also leads to inconsistencies of tone. Only Bennett’s bravura performance keeps the thing afloat.