The Stones singer speaks in the new issue of Uncut

Mick Jagger has shed light on the creation of The Rolling Stones’ Sticky Fingers, speaking in the new issue of Uncut, out now.

The frontman recalls the long recording process for the album, taking in adventures in Muscle Shoals and Stargroves, backstage fights at the Marquee Club, and some help from Andy Warhol and the Goddess Kali.

“You’ve got so many slowies [on Sticky Fingers],” says Jagger, “it’s ridiculous. I mean, Side Two is kind of slow and down, apart from the first number. So it’s kind of odd. But it was in two parts. So you had a break when you turned it over. You didn’t listen to it all at once.

“Now, if you did 10 songs, I’d say one ballad’s enough ’cause I get really bored with them. But when you look at this, you have four or whatever it is.”

The deluxe version of Sticky Fingers, featuring rare bonus material, was released on Monday, May 25.

The new issue of Uncut is out now.

  • pcovin

    There is a reason why Sticky Fingers is such a classic – it’s got a little bit of every emotion – joy, angst, love, anger, tenderness, self-pity, sadness. And there’s a reason why the songs are in the order they are on the album – it works. All good reason to play the entire album in concert. I enjoy the up-and-down ride versus one fast one after another.

  • Thomas Thieme

    Funny, I don’t think that was a problem for B.B. King doing “Live at the Regal”. Mick, the vendors will love it. The rowdies will wander off for more beer and those of us who relish hearing “Sway” and “Moonlight Mile” can do so without someone going “Woooo!”in our ears nonstop.

  • Mike

    saw the opening show in San Diego on Sunday and Mick was right. Doing all of “Sticky Fingers” even in a different order than the LP would have slowed down the show too much. “Moonlight Mile” was killer – alone worth the $100 nosebleed seat I had!

  • CitizenCharlesFosterKane

    This was the low point of Jagger’s minstrel show quality singing.