Featuring the Ramones, Patti Smith, The Modern Lovers and some undiscovered treats


Out Of Step

In the form/record single/split life-cycle of DC hardcore bands, by 1983 Minor Threat were already an anomaly. This, their sole studio LP, is almost a break-up record, as Ian MacKaye’s band explores disappointment with a scene it had been pivotal in articulating. Extreme velocity is still a feature, but in its 21-minute playing time, Out Of Step also displays accomplished dynamics, rancorous satire and MacKaye’s enormous voice, which finds anthemic tunes amid the chaos. How hardcore? The LP reveals that “Cashing In” for Minor Threat meant charging $4 on the door. JR


Kill From The Heart
SST, 1983

“A guy dressed up like a nurse with chocolate frosting in his pants singing about communism – that’s weird,” smiled singer Gary Floyd as he reflected on the career of Austin’s Dicks. The “Commie faggot band” needed a three-year run-up to make an LP after their unbelievable debut single, “Dicks Hate The Police”, but it was a sun-boiled wonder when it came. Righteous anger predominates (“Bourgeois Fascist Pig”), but there is space to remind butch Marxist zealots that “young boys’ feet are pretty”. Plenty were faster and louder, but none were further out. JW



In the popular memory San Francisco’s  Avengers have largely been sidelined as the answer to a trivia question: the group was the opening act for the Sex Pistols’ last gig at the city’s Winterland in 1978. But with perhaps the definitive buzzsaw guitarist in Greg Ingraham and one of punk’s finest lyricists in Penelope Houston, the Avengers deserve to be more than a footnote in punk history. Avengers showcases the group’s range, from rabble-rousing anthems (the Steve Jones-produced “The Amerikan In Me”) to the reflective and bitter “Corpus Christi”, to the song that set the tone for American punk, “I Believe In Me”. Oh, and they blew the Sex Pistols off the stage. PS

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  • Pakalika

    No Red Rockers!! America’s Clash!

  • davbee

    Hello? X Los Angeles?

  • Равкус Бродски

    fuck those bands

  • BigRaguPDX

    Hmm…I have from Jim Carroll 1980 to Husker Du 1982. Somebody asleep at the editing wheel

  • Phil Baird

    No Mink De Ville ? You couldn’t get much more punk attitude than Willy. No Cramps either ? How could these two bands be omitted ? I’ve always thought too that the first Alice Cooper band had punk written all over it.

  • GB Mck

    No Dead Kennedys or Fugazi?? Strange,

  • Dead Kennedys. Dead Kennedys. Dead Kennedys.

  • Varden Longraf

    for fucks sakes
    wheres the queers a day and a dollar short?
    besides there are a few on here that definitely aren’t punk rock as much as I do like em like devo for example

  • Luis Manuel Sanchez Suarez

    Social Distortion? Rancid? D-Generation?

  • Andy Ramesh Meyers

    list skips from album 25 to 38..

  • FOX is a POX on US

    Not a bad list but it omits too many great west coast albums, such as Meat Puppets II and the Minutemen’s “Double Nickels On The Dime” majesty.