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The 46th Uncut Playlist Of 2012

The 46th Uncut Playlist Of 2012
John Mulvey

Just finishing the Ultimate Music Guide on The Kinks while listening to Gurdjieff’s harmonium improvisations from 1949. There are, though, a bunch of interesting newer things here as well. Have a listen to the new Mark Kozelek song, for a start (he played a really compelling gig in London last Friday, incidentally, which I haven’t had a chance to write about).

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1 Cheval Sombre – Mad Love (Sonic Cathedral)

2 Mark Kozelek – You Missed My Heart (www.caldoverderecords.com)

3 The Heartbreakers – LAMF: Definitive Edition (Jungle)

4 Broadcast – Berberian Sound Studio (Warp)

5 Cockney Rebel – Cavaliers: An Anthology 1973-1974 (EMI)

6 Yo La Tengo – Fade (Matador)

7 Richard Thompson – Electric (Proper)

8 Martha Wainwright – Come Home To Mama (V2)

9 Anais Mitchell & Jefferson Hamer – Child Ballads (Wilderland)

10 Rage Against The Machine – XX (Legacy)

11Jessica Pratt – Jessica Pratt (Birth)

12 Jamey Johnson – Living For A Song: A Tribute To Hank Cochran (Decca)

13 Led Zeppelin – Celebration Day (Atlantic)

14 Koen Holtkamp – Liquid Life Forms (Barge)

15 Julia Holter – Ekstasis (Domino)

16 L Pierre – The Island Come True (Melodic)

17 Duane Pitre – Feel Free (Important)

18 K-X-P - K-X-P II (Melodic)

19 Robust Worlds – Emotional Planet (De Stijl)

20 Chris Darrow – Artist Proof (Drag City)

21 Mountains – Centralia (Thrill Jockey)

22 GI Gurdjieff - Harmonium Improvisations (www.archive.org/details/GurdjieffsHarmoniumImprovisations1949)


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