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The 31st Uncut Playlist Of 2012

The 31st Uncut Playlist Of 2012
John Mulvey

A distinct late ‘80s/early ‘90s feel to the list this week, with generally good new releases in here from Bob Mould, Mark Eitzel and Sebadoh. Couple of other things to flag up, though.

Fuck Buttons make an appearance thanks to their unlikely but magnificent presence on the score of the Olympics opening ceremony (Somewhere just after Jamaica entered the stadium, incidentally, I had a look at my timeline and discovered, hearteningly, the least cynical collection of posts I’ve ever seen on Twitter. Quite a night).

Bill Wilson’s “Ever Changing Minstrel” (that's the front cover at the top of the page), meanwhile, is an incredible find by Josh from Tompkins Square: a 1973 album produced by Bob Johnston, and featuring a lot of the crew who figured on “Blonde On Blonde”, that fits very snugly into a space between Mickey Newbury and Townes Van Zandt.

Haven’t asked this for a while, too: what are you all listening to at the moment?

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2 Bob Mould – Silver Age (Edsel)


4 Wooden Wand – Blood Oaths Of The New Blues (Fire)

5 Mark Eitzel – Don’t Be A Stranger (Décor)

6 Michael Mayer – Mantasy (Kompakt)

7 Fuck Buttons – Tarot Sport (ATP Recordings)

8 Sebadoh – Secret EP (http://sebadoh.bandcamp.com/album/secret-ep)

9 Bill Wilson – Ever Changing Minstrel (Tompkins Square)

10 Arizona Dranes - He Is My Story: The Sanctified Soul of Arizona Dranes (Tompkins Square)

11 Liminanas – Crystal Anis (Hozac)

12 Spectre Folk – The Ancient Storm (Vampire Blues)

13 Jerry Douglas – Traveler (Proper)


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