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The 18th Uncut Playlist Of 2012

The 18th Uncut Playlist Of 2012
John Mulvey

Plenty to be getting on with here, but a couple of things before I run this week’s list. First up, after all the talk (plugs own blog once more), Neil Young & Crazy Horse’s “Oh Susannah” is out there. Video after the jump.

Next, a big thankyou to everyone who contributed knowledge and love to the Chris Robinson Brotherhood blog, and especially to the guy who’ll remain anonymous and who hooked me up with 43 live tracks by the band; so much gold there, not least a ten minute jam on “Blue Suede Shoes”, of all things.

A busy week for gigs in London, too, with Arbouretum and Hush Arbors tonight at Cargo; maybe see some of you there? I should also say that our friend M Taylor of Hiss Golden Messenger is doing a free show at the Strongrooms tomorrow (Thursday) at 7pm, on a night off from his tour with the great Michael Chapman. Worth a look, of course.

Anyway, the playlist. Sone strong new arrivals, though once again I should probably caution that these are all records we’ve played, rather than unequivocally enjoyed…

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1 Terry Riley – A Rainbow In Curved Air (Esoteric)

2 Carlton Melton – Photos Of Photos (Agitated)

3 The Barr Brothers – The Barr Brothers (Secret City)

4 Icebreaker/BJ Cole – Apollo (Cantaloupe/Naxos)

5 The Sufis – The Sufis (Ample Play)

6 Patti Smith – Banga (Columbia)

7 Mission Of Burma – Unsound (Fire)

8 The Chris Robinson Brotherhood – Various Bootlegs (XXX)

9 Dead Flamingoes – Habit EP (AED)

10 Oval – Ovaldna (Shitkatapult)

11 Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats – Blood Lust (Killer Candy)

12 Go-Kart Mozart – New World In The Morning (West Midlands)

13 Ryat – Totem (Brainfeeder)

14 Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – Hummingbird EP (Spiritual Pajamas)

15 Cian Nugent – My War Blues/Grass Above My Head (VHF)

16 Tortoise – Millions Now Living Will Never Die (Thrill Jockey)

17 Motion Sickness Of Time Travel – Motion Sickness Of Time Travel (Spectrum Spools)

18 King Blood – Venegance, Man (Richie/Testoster Tunes)

19 MV & EE – Space Homestead (Woodsist)

20 Arbouretum – The Gathering (Thrill Jockey)

21 Arbouretum – Song Of The Pearl (Thrill Jockey)


Editor's Letter

The 3rd Uncut Playlist Of 2015

Still at that stage of the year where I nearly type 2014 every time instead of 2015, but time moves on - swifter, perhaps, than Bjork for one would've liked this week, given how an unauthorised leak forced the release of "Vulnicura" a couple of months ahead of schedule.