Super Furry Animals – Phantom Phorce

Welsh neo-psych gang's most recent album gets the remix treatment

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Rather than simply flirting with techno/electronica, Super Furry Animals have in fact been engaged in a serious, ongoing relationship with it for years, forever tugging at the constraints of poppy psychedelia, pastoral glitch and post-techno noise, while effortlessly charming the chinos off anyone with ears.

Released on their own label, Phantom Phorce is an inspired overhaul of selected tracks from 2003’s Phantom Power album. Some?like High Llamas’ treatment of “Valet Parking”?are sweetly skewed complements of the originals, while others are barely recognisable. Massimo’s reworking of “Venus & Serena” is chillingly lean, and Killa Kela replaces the cheery gallop of “Golden Retriever” with an earthy, bass-weighted groove. Fifteen fine Super Furry freak-outs?the force is clearly still with them.


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