Sunburned Hand Of The Man – Rare Wood

Hostile backwoods psychedelia from Massachusetts

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Amid the improvisers, drone-masters and acid-folk renegades of the US underground, the dozen or so members of Sunburned Hand Of The Man stand out like a beatnik militia. A plethora of unattainable releases (usually on CD-R) and Dionysian live shows have marked out Sunburned’s path thus far, though Rare Wood may be their first LP that’s relatively easy to locate. It’s worth the effort, too. This is prickly, occasionally malign music that often resembles a face-off between Beefheart and Amon D


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Bruce Springsteen, Uncut’s Review Of 2021, Jason Isbell, Yasmin Williams, Jonny Greenwood, The Weather Station, Robert Plant & Alison Krauss, the Beach Boys, The Coral, and Marvin Gaye