Spirits Of Punk

Veteran NYC noiseniks' impressive video portfolio

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“We were told by our first manager that we should never consider making a video as art,” remembers Thurston Moore, talking about this collection of 23 avant-promos. “We immediately fired the guy and made videos we thought would, well, at least be artful.”

Just as Sonic Youth’s music has negotiated a successful course between major label obligations and left-field experiment, Corporate Ghost proves their videos have been equally successful hybrids. Stretching from the 11 clips made for 1990’s Geffen debut, Goo, to 2002’s gorgeous “Disconnection Notice”, this is a testament to the band’s punk spirit, their often overlooked playfulness, and their taste in collaborators. Corporate Ghost is like a showreel of early work by some of modern cinema’s greatest talents. Spike Jonze brings a bunch of his skater mates to the hipster teenage party of “100%”. Todd Haynes puts the band in wigs, big shades and tinfoil for “Disappearer”. Chlo


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