Something’s Gotta Give

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Jack Nicholson plays Harry, a 63-year-old millionaire infamous for seducing young women, who has a heart attack bedding his latest flame (Amanda Peet). He and her uptight mother Erica (Diane Keaton) make love as he recuperates, while his young doctor (Keanu Reeves) romances Erica as well.

Looking more sexily comfortable in his skin than for decades, Jack recalls the weathered masculinity of late Gable and Bogart. But while he gives his side of the screen a gritty glow, the usually effortless Keaton (Jack’s partner from Reds) is an unwatchable tangle of self-conscious twitches. Like the movie as a whole, she’s a victim of writer/director Nancy Meyers’inane view of the sexes, where women are touchy-feely neurotics incapable of comprehending men, making this a chick-flick in the most insulting sense. The film’s setting amid the showbiz elite also drains sympathy. Glib, smug and glossy, it’s still worth sneaking into for Jack’s latest life lesson.


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