Metal Boys Featuring China – Tokio Airport

Oft-forgotten Parisian new-wavers' audacious synth-punk opus

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Ramshackle peers of Suicide and Throbbing Gristle, Metal Boys’claim to fame is that, as previous incarnation Metal Urbain, they released the first single on Rough Trade, “Paris Maquis”, in 1978. Recorded on a shoestring in 1980 while the core duo of Eric Debris and Charlie H squatted in London, Tokio Airport is a viciously prescient mix of industrial rockabilly, pulsing minimal electronics and processed punk noise. Their fuzz-flange aesthetic would later be ransacked by The Jesus & Mary Chain.

Appended by nine unreleased tracks, including Debris’ startling dub-disco odyssey “Outer Space”, it’d make an excellent addition to any post-punk collection.


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