Kasabian – West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum

Cunningly crafted confection from the K-men

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Kasabian’s third sees their bounding riffs and rock-electro mixture still in evidence, not least in first single “Fire”, but they’ve added extra tints and layers. “Secret Alphabets” is sleek, creepy and conspiratorial, while singer Tom Meighan and Hollywood actress Rosario Dawson trade vocals in the surreal “West Ryder And Silver Bullet”.

Then there’s whomping monster-rock with “Vlad The Impaler”, but also buskerish balladeering like “Thick As Thieves”, which sounds like Ray Davies hitch-hiking around Eastern Europe. The instrumental “Swarfiga” even verges on the Krautrockish. A world away from their ladrock roots, you might say.


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