I Monster – Neveroddoreven

Pervy Sheffield electro duo follow up "Daydream In Blue" hit of two years ago

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Comprising Dean Honer, half of the All Seeing I, and Jarrod Gosling, I Monster provide us with an intermittently inspired album of warped electro-MOR. The memorable creepiness of “Daydream In Blue” is reproduced on unsettling tracks like “Sunny Delights.” “Hey Misses” suggests a pact between Tahiti 80 and My Computer, while ballads “Heaven” and “Who Is She?” conjure up the spectre of Joe Meek communicating by ouija board. If the air of camp (“Backseat Of My Car” is low-rent Miss Kittin, “Stobart’s Blues” is bad Chemical Brothers) prevents this from being anything beyond Carry On Vulnerabilia, there’s still-enough blood here to keep you interested.


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