Generation X – Anthology

Three-disc overview of Billy Idol's brigade

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Originally intended as a bonus-tracked compilation, this collection grew to epic proportions following a trawl through the Abbey Road vaults. Generation X’s main claim to fame rests with a series of incendiary singles released during 1977 when the band filled the gig-circuit void left by the nationwide banning of The Sex Pistols and the rapid escalation of The Clash to much larger venues.

Unlike their higher-profile big brothers, Idol and pals had no inhibitions about flaunting their love of ’60s iconography, as evinced on their call-to-arms single “Ready Steady Go” and debut “Your Generation”, a not-too-subtle response to Pete Townshend’s similarly titled anthem of a decade earlier.

Hardcore fans will be delighted with a tidied-up version of the unreleased but much bootlegged 1979 Sweet Revenge album, and a superior full-length 1978 live recording from Osaka.


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