Patricia Highsmith's villain comes to life again

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Ripley’s Game


Highsmith’s sociopath playboy was last played by Matt Damon in The Talented Mr Ripley. Here, John Malkovich is superb?urbane and malicious, manipulating those around him out of a mixture of spite and boredom. It’s a performance to rank alongside his best work.

Now married and living in Italy, Ripley is something of a mystery to the local residents. He soon discovers what they think of him when he overhears picture-frame maker Jonathan Trevanny (Dougray Scott) make a disparaging comment about his lack of taste. Soon enough, Trevanny is drawn into a particularly sadistic and murderous game engineered by Ripley and his former associate Reeves (Ray Winstone).

Shot with a sophisticated sheen by Liliana Cavani, the film begins on shaky ground?Winstone falls back on his usual cocky Cockney routine, while a beret-wearing Malkovich seems content to impersonate Frank Spencer. But, as Highsmith’s well-crafted plot unfolds, Ripley’s Game becomes a fascinating study in innocence, guilt and revenge.